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At All State Flagging, we are retired LEO dedicated to making sure we have well trained DOT & MUTCD complaint Flaggers.  We like to work with Police Departments to supplement their force on Road Construction Projects.  The Police Reform Act has reeked havoc on Police Departments decreasing the number of officers available for road details.  We realize that shortage of officers puts a strain on the departments.  We like to hire former auxiliary and reserve officers and get them working back in the communities that they formerly served.  We also like to hire veterans as well as other first responders.   We take care of the training, equipment, insurance and workers compensation.  With the infrastructure Bill, there are more construction project jobs than ever before.   We do not want to compete with Police Departments, we want to work with them and be the next call when they have no one available.  If you are a Police Department and are interested in working with us, please call us at 1-888-339-9923 or email us at [email protected].  www.AllStateFlagging.com

All State Flagging is a Massachusetts-based, full service, fully insured, certified flagging and traffic control company serving New England. Our traffic control flaggers are trained and certified under the American Traffic Safety Standards Association (ATSSA) and meet the statutory requirements of each state to engage in worksite flagging services.

February 23, 2023

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New vest for this season

New vest for this season

Our new Class 3 MA Compliant Vest just came in for the upcoming construction season! Big shout out to Christopher Long and his team from DCL Productions https://www.dclproductions.com/ of San Francisco, CA for the quality product, great price, and quick delivery!

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