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All State Flagging, LLC is a Massachusetts-based company that provides well-trained DOT and MUTCD compliant flaggers throughout the state. With offices in Holyoke and Plymouth, and with a large employee base, we deploy flaggers from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, as well as to surrounding states, including CT, RI, NH, and VT.

About Us

All State Flagging is owned by retired law enforcement officers who are committed to working with police departments to ensure coverage of construction details. In recent years and with the implementation of the Police Reform Act, decreasing numbers of available police officers have put a strain not only on police departments and municipalities, but also on the construction and utility companies who need them.

We hire a range of individuals – former auxiliary and reserve officers, firefighters, retirees, veterans, students and others – to work as flaggers in the communities where they served, where they live and throughout the state. All State Flagging makes it attractive for the flaggers and the communities – handling training, equipment, insurance and workers’ compensation.

Importantly, we will not compete with police departments. Our goal is to provide flaggers for details that go unfilled by police departments. We seek to cooperatively fill the void, and to provide flagger services to companies, utilities and municipalities who are unable to secure a police detail.

flagging and traffic control company All State Flagging | Flagging Traffic Control Company
flagging and traffic control company All State Flagging | Flagging Traffic Control Company

Road Construction Flagging Services

At All State, our focus is flagging. We provide ATSSA certified flaggers whose focus is safety.
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Traffic Control for Events

All State team members are trained and equipped to provide traffic control services for large events.

Flagging & Traffic Control • Traffic Safety Assessments • Crossing Guards

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